With our dev team hunkering down to work on the next phase of Alpha, the adventures of iBuyTops ongoing, and the sender of the mysterious cipher received earlier this month still a mystery, things in the Subdomain may seem rather scattered at the moment. That feeling, however, is an illusion.

Something is brewing, be it a storm, a battle or an NFT drop. Change is in the air. The effects of which will become less convoluted soon. Very soon.

Your editor and comrade, Echo #2768

Degraded Solana performance interfered with afternoon testing windows on Thursday and Friday of Week 2.

Some players experienced lag on the arena track when accessing the game on certain Mac hardware.

TMP token transactions posed a challenge throughout Closed Alpha, especially during congested periods on the Solana network.

And it's only gotten better. Yes, even for you Mac users.

Look for this feature in our next game slice!

No arguments there.

And leveling up every day!

This month, we asked our illustrious Project Manager, Ivan Racoon, to put together a playlist for the Subdomain. According to Racoon, this playlist represents an alternative to the traditional rock genre. A mix of alt genres combined with various cultural and spiritual aspects that perfectly describe how he sees his own music library in the Subdomain.










Question 1

We've heard stories around the Subdomain about a breed you've dubbed "bar lawyers" who populate watering holes throughout the underground, waxing on about the 'good old days' before The Great Delete. Do you think we were better off before, or after A-1? How do you think rechaining our culture could create a new reality?

I'm not sure if we are better off before or after A-1, so many things are unclear, unknown and yet to be found out. It's clear that it's a time of change. In psychology study, there is no such thing as luck, but there are lucky people. Lucky people are those who see the possibilities at the right time and take advantage of them. Usually, the time of change is rich in possibilities. Let's all be lucky and make it better than ever before.

Our culture is now a broken puzzle. We have no instructions, no rules left with us (maybe it's a good thing). I believe chaos of creativity will make a new reality from pieces of all cultures provided by the MixMob family.

Sorry, I can't choose the best one.
I know there are so many great remixes.

Let's talk about hip-hop history. It all started in NY in 1970 by immigrants - this is a great Remix of cultures, I believe. Then it gets popular around the whole USA. Later it spread across the globe. Rap gets adopted around the world and absorbs local culture pieces. I believe it's another sort of Remix from the inside out.

Question 2

From your daily song contributions in Discord, we know that you're a big music fan. We put MixMob CEO and Game Producer Simon Vieira on the spot in last month's magazine, now we're going to ask you the same question: what do you think was the best remix of all time?

Question 3

Now that you've experienced the very early game slice of MixMob: Uprising for yourself, what NFTs, music, brands or cultural references would you like to see integrated into the game? If you had the chance to customize your very own arena, what would be in it?

I would love to see a lot of anime characters, stuff from old arcade games, NFTs that MixMob owns, different quotes from famous people, and maybe some quotes from MixMob members...
it's an endless list.

Oh, customize my own arena? That's exciting. I would use photo cards with the most viral memes of all time in chronological order (video memes as well, if it's possible) and add MixMob-related text to those memes.

The new year tree (Christmas tree), as a great symbol.

A guitar, so some fellow Subdomainers can play music for us.

Robin Hood hat - I need one.

Question 4

You only had time to snatch 3 remnants of culture from The Surface before it was deleted - what did you take with you?

What was once one of the world's most visited tourist attractions is now eerily silent, a site without soul. On one of their recent visits to The Surface, Scavenger One captured this image of Times Square, a place nearly 360,000 pedestrians used to pass through every day.

Your mission, members of the Uprising, is to participate in an experiment. We will be selecting 3 winners whose art will be minted as part of our Culture Drops collection and featured in the magazine. Exclusive merch will also be awarded to the winners.

Create a piece of art based on the following brief: If you could send one message to those enslaved on The Surface, what would it be/how would you express that in a piece of art?

The art must be a minimum of 1800-2k px.

Artwork must be submitted via this Google Form by June 20th in order to participate.

If you've been circulating Twitter lately, you may have noticed a new account claiming to be the MixMobIntern. The crew can confirm that the Mask behind the account is indeed on the payroll here at MixMob. However, we hesitate to take ownership over the memes, opinions, or any riff-raff he stirs up.

We caught up with the intern to see how he's adjusting to his new role.

You've just wrapped up your second month here at MixMob.
How's it going so far?

I honestly don't even know where to begin. It's truthfully going amazing. After graduating college I was scared I was going to have to find a job that doesn't challenge me. But with this job and being involved in Web3 things change daily which makes this job both challenging and exciting.

Given the MixMob team is distributed, you've escaped some of the more mundane typical intern duties like daily coffee runs. Without multiple caffeine orders on your hands, what does an average day in the life of the intern look like?

My average day is pretty nice. I wake up every day around 5 A.M and try to get ahead of what NFTs are minting and all the Discords we currently hold in our vault. Since I'm a degen jpeg flipper as well, I also go through my Discords and try to figure out where the next pump is realistic.

After that, I just try to build as much knowledge as possible while shitposting. This consists of Twitter spaces, interacting in multiple Discords, roaming Twitter, keeping up to date, and occasionally trolling here and there depending on the mood.

Steve Jobs interned at Hewlett-Packard, Bill Gates in Washington as a Congressional Page and Elon Musk interned... well pretty much everywhere. No pressure. If you were to dream big, where would your career take you in the future?

I think the best thing about my job is the unknown but bright future. With my foot in the door of Web3 so young and early, I can't fathom the future yet. I'm excited to watch Web3 build day by day and be a part of it. Then one day down the road I'll be able to look back and see how far we've come.

We know you spend a lot of time in the crypto space, both in and outside of work. What's getting you excited right now?

I'm grateful that MixMob allows me to learn so much about crypto and Web3 during a bear market. I'm excited that IĀ feel prepared for the bull market to be able to share this knowledge with my peers and use it in my work with MixMob.

What kind of content should the community expect to see by following your Twitter?

Some threads here and there about current topics going on, or even on projects that I feel deserve some spotlight. This is where it gets tricky but fun - I'll be throwing around some memes and testing the waters with shitposting. IcedKnife makes it seem effortless so we will see if we can live up to his standardsĀ ;)

To celebrate our top Alpha Pilots we will be handing out special collectibles to those who pushed the envelope. Your names will be forever etched in Subdomain lore, and so will your collectibles.

Stay tuned.

We will be awarding these next month in a special ceremony.