It’s MixMob Summer, baby!
And have we ever earned it.

This new stage of our universe kicked off last month with the launch of 2.0, providing a glimpse into the lifestyle and spectacle of MixBot racing. And there’s much more where that came from. This issue is jam-packed with MixMob Summer teasers; look for hints around our second MixMob Racer 1 Arena, MixBot themes, and a big announcement coming this week. It’s also a celebration of our community, highlighting the ones who took over Times Square and remixed their way into the MixMob Hall of Fame in our Rolling Stone contest.

So what are you waiting for? Sit back with your favorite summer beverage in hand and start scrolling.


MixMob Summer kicked off with the launch of our new website, and with it, a brand new art style that explores the underground world and lifestyle of MixBot racing.

Our next issue will answer fundamental questions like why this new art style and focus on the Subdomain, and what it means. Until then, take a look around. The website itself is a preview of what we have to look forward to!


Parksville, BC, Canada
Job title
Techincal Director
Professional background
As a kid, I used to hack my Apple IIe games to give myself powerups.
Since then, I've been involved in social and mobile gaming, playing roles
from developer to CEO.
A bit about your role at MixMob
MixMob is a dynamic, exciting environment project, and my role is to guide
the technical strategy to support the team's vision.
Favorite game of all time
(or right now)
Ultima III (1st),
Dirt 5 (close 2nd)
You can only choose 1 album,
1 movie and 1 book to save in The
Great Delete. What are they?
• Kid A by Radiohead - the ultimate soundtrack to life!
• Bladerunner (the original) - it will teach us some lessons
on survival in the postdelete world.
• Fire in the Mind by George Johnson - a wonderful book
on the quest for knowledge.


Port Moody, BC, Canada
Job title
Lead Game Designer
Professional background
I most recently had the pleasure of working on FIFA Mobile with Electronic
Arts. I was the lead live designer for the game and worked on seasonal
events for hundreds of millions of users around the world! Before that, I was
able to work on some other really amazing franchises like Warhammer
40,000 and UFC.
A bit about your role at MixMob
I'm responsible for the game mechanics and how it feels to play.
Favorite game of all time
(or right now)
Always tought; all-time would have to be The Legend of Zelda: Majora's
Mask. A special recent shout-out would be to the amazing mystery game,
Return of the Obra Dinn.
You can only choose 1 album,
1 movie and 1 book to save in The
Great Delete. What are they?
• Random Access Memories by Daft Punk
• Can I cheat and say the Lord of the Rings trilogy?
• Dune

You can race in the Subdomain,
you can build in the Subdomain,
and now you can write in the Subdomain
using MixMob Display, the official font
of the underground!

How to use the font

Type both upper and lower cases to remix
pixelated and sans serif glyphs.

Download the MixMob Display
font below.

Design a "MixMob Summer" themed
poster in [210mm x 297mm]
dimensions (normally A4).

Share your design on Instagram or Twitter
with the hashtags #MixMobDisplay and
#MixMobSummer and tag @MixMobOrigin in
your Tweet or Instagram post.

The creators of our favorite 5 designs will win
a MixMob t-shirt
and have their art minted in
our Culture Drops collection..

We will also randomly select
one of the top 5 to win 1 SOL.

Share your designs by 7/29 to participate!
Winners will be announced
in next month's issue.

Last issue, Ivan Racoon brought you a mixtape revisiting the prog rock golden years of the '90s. This issue, we're channeling a different kind of nostalgia with a '90s/early aughts playlist crammed front to back with classic radio hits that remind us, hey, maybe life isn't so complicated after all. Maybe it's cruising with the windows down while singing along to [insert favorite track from MixMob Summer here].


Congratulations to Recon.One, the winner of our Rolling Stone Remix Competition and the recipient of 1 SOL! This MixMob MVP remixed not 1 but 3 album covers from Rolling Stone's '200 Greatest Hip-Hop Albums of All Time' list. These are the albums that earned the top spots.

1st place

Marley Marl, 'In Control, Volume 1' (1988)

2nd place

Childish Gambino, 'Because the Internet'

3rd place

Marley Marl, 'In Control, Volume 1' (1988)


You work full-time crypto and share your experience on your YouTube channel. What was your journey to getting where you are?

I randomly came across a video by CryptoCasey discussing what Ethereum was and wow did it hook me in. I went on a binge-fest of all the Crypto videos I could and after several months of contemplation, I knew I had to join the industry...I listened to some Alex Becker interviews about how cultivating a high-income skill and leveraging that would be a major key to success along with involving yourself in something you're passionate about. So when NFT games blew up, I put 1 and 2 together and sought out different opportunities. I got involved with some games like Defina, VBA, and Mini Royale where I could start as a moderator and slowly give more marketing advice as needed. This led me to get several roles in community/social media/KOL management along with research tasks.

Defina ended up blowing up last October (had a 200x play on selling a Morgan Waifu) which allowed me to go full-time crypto!! No more waiting for people's food orders. Since then I've been cultivating my skills to add more value to projects and to reach my longer-term vision of running my own investment firm with marketing advisor roles on the side. I still have a ton of ways to learn, but it'll be worth it.


How did you find
your way to the MixMob community?

For MixMob, I saw your guys' epic trailer on Twitter and found out about your amazing team and crazy vision. The Litepaper was so unique and the community was so welcoming. Do you ever get the feeling that something is going to be special? I had it with Defina and my other favorite projects that exploded in growth and I had it with MixMob. If there ever was going to be a great play to accumulate during the bear market, it's definitely buying some MixMob Masks (getting airdropped tokens and the other utilities are so dope).


Love it! Given the bear market we are in, what advice do you have to guide your followers and fellow crypto community during arduous times?

I don't know much but can share what helped me personally. This is such a blessing in disguise guys. Now is the time to slow things down and really analyze and zone in on what you want to contribute to the field. During the bull market, there was so much noise and hype to get caught up in. Now, you are able to really work on your craft and develop your specialized skill. There's a deficit of specialized skills (ex. copy/technical writing, community/social media/product management, coding, graphic designing, video editing, research, economy/token design, etc.) with a lot of projects willing to pay a lot as they recently got funding.


With the second Arena of MixMob: Racer 1 in development, we want to know what cultural elements and features would be a part of your ideal track?

What I really loved about your guys' alpha testing was all the random things popping up like a Bored Ape and etc. So probably more crypto stuff with amazing artwork you guys are partnering with, maybe Azuki, CloneX, Veefriends, and my other favorite projects like Defina and VBA. Would also love more songs on the track or different genres depending on the track. For example, chill EDM/LoFi on a beach-themed track, trap/heavy metal in intense competitive ones, throwback playlists, etc.

Would also like more interactivity like random AI trying to fight you (ex. robots coming from the ground, random boss battles, in-game NFTs like Bored Apes coming from the background trying to smash you, etc).


You only had time to snatch 3 remnants of culture from The Surface before it was deleted - what did you take with you?

1. Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' Album
2. Fate Stay Night Anime Series
3. Dame 7 Shoes

If you could send one message to those enslaved on The Surface, what would it be and how would you express that in a piece of art?

Well, the Subdomain did not disappoint...

Congratulations to our winners
tr4d8r, Tanya Malcolm,
and qosbli!

1st place: tr4d8r

2nd place: Tanya Malcolm

3rd place: qosbli